File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
 async_channel.hThis file provides a "channel" class for inter-thread communication
 async_queue.hThis file provides thread-safe asynchronous queue classes
 async_result.hThis file provides a thread-safe asynchronous result class
 callback.hThis file provides classes for type erasure
 convert.hThis file contains functions for converting between character sets
 do_if.hThis file provides utility functions for conditional compilation
 emitter.hThis file provides a thread-safe signal/slot mechanism, with automatic disconnection
 mem_fun.hThis file contains an adaptor to create a functor from a class member function to pass to C++ standard algorithms
 mutex.hProvides wrapper classes for pthread mutexes and condition variables, and scoped locking classes for exception safe mutex locking
 notifier.hThis file provides a Notifier class to provide thread-safe signalling between a worker thread and the main program thread
 rw_lock.hProvides wrapper class for pthread read-write locks, and scoped locking classes for exception safe locking of read-write locks